When you book a fundraiser through us, we provide order forms and sample vials of each fundraiser candle. Due to the high demand of our sample vials we do ask that your sellers share the sets. Also, please return the sets at the completion of your sale so we can re-purpose them.


We will share a google document with you, Tips for Selling. By sharing this document with your sellers, they will improve the profit of your fundraiser.


We suggest you sell the candles for $15 each. Some organizations choose to sell them for more. Your group keeps $7/candle minus shipping

Have your customers write checks to your organization. You can then write one check to Country Lights Soy Candles once you have been invoiced.

Customers may also order online at by clicking on the fundraiser tab. They can choose your organization from the drop-down list. If they would like to give credit to a particular seller, have them put that in the notes during checkout.

Online orders will ship directly to the customer. Your organization will receive $5/candle for online orders that have been given credit to your group. 

Experience shows that 2 weeks is the best length of time to run a fundraiser. When your sales have been completed you will place a final order with us on a Google Sheet that we have shared with you.

After the final order is placed, please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery. The candles are packaged, double checked and organized for convenient easy sorting and distribution. Each candle will have a label on it with your logo and a thank-you message to your customers.

Organizations that set group and individual goals have the most successful fundraisers.


​We reward sales with 10% off shipping for every 100 candles the group sells.

Individuals who go above and beyond receive a free candle from Country Lights for every 24 candles they sell.

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