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Fundraising that Shines

Country Lights fundraisers offer an exciting and easy way to raise money for your cause. With more than 20 years of experience, our comprehensive services provide organizations the ability to customize a fundraising program to fit your needs. 


Earn More

50% of the sales are yours

Easy to Manage

Convenient Ordering

Online or in-person

Sell Quality

Affordable, hand-poured candles

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of materials for a fundraiser?

Country Lights provides all materials needed for a successful fundraiser including order forms, sample vials, Tips For Selling and a convenient Google Sheet for placing your final order. We are willing to sell the sample vial sets for $20 a piece if you choose to keep them.

What products do we sell?

We offer three different products in all of our fragrances. 12 oz. candles, wax melts and fidget sniffers . You may sell just candles or a combinaton of the three products.

What is the profit our organization will receive?

We suggest you sell the 12 oz candles for $18, wax melts for $5 and fidget sniffers for $3.50. You will receive 50% of the sales minus shipping. (See question about rewards).

How long should I run a fundraiser?

Experience shows that two weeks is the best length of time to run a fundraiser.

Once the final orders are placed, how long will it take for the products to be delivered?

After the final order is placed, please allow up to two weeks for delivery. The candles are packaged, double checked and organized for convenient easy sorting and distribution. Each candle will have a label on it with your organization or schoollogo and a thank-you message to your customers.

Do you offer any types of rewards?

Organizations that set group and individual goals have the most successful fundraisers. We reward sales with 10% off shipping for every 100 candles the group sells through in-person sales. ​Individuals who go above and beyond receive a free 12 oz candle from Country Lights for every $300 they sell.

Can my customers order online?

We encourage online ordering for long distance customers. The customer will pay shipping and Country Lights will direct ship to them. Your organization will receive 40% of online orders.

What if a customer wants a fragrance not listed on the order form?

On occassion we have other fragrances we'll offer in small batches via our online store only. These are always subject to change, but allows a more variety for customers looking for other fragrances.

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